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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Catch up

I kinda fadded away with the blogging. Iv been doing alot of climbing and some working, tryin to keep busy.

This is me ontop of lizzard head.

And this is a view of lizzard head.

There have been quite a few festies. Some of them include: Wine & Culinary art fest, mushroom fest, telluride film fest, tech fest, telluride jazz fest, and this weekend is Blues and Brews. Hmm. What else.

Oh, i got kicked out of my cabin by the police and rangers. Not that its stoped me from living up there but still a develipment none the less.
Below is how i woke up that day.
I also worked with Sally Davis again. Fun fun. Kids are great when you can just walk away from them whenever you want. So what else? Went to moab and climbed. Hiked to connundurm hot springs from Crested Butte. Worked at a skate park in rifle for a week, worked for a photographer with better homes and gardens, worked lights for a few more productions, and just got done working irrigation (digging). Hmm, iv been working on my novel (not as much as i should be), printed a indy news paper (working on an online version). Other then that, im out of here in a few weeks. Off to latin america to my death. Love you all.


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