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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Escape from el diente 2007

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Catch up

I kinda fadded away with the blogging. Iv been doing alot of climbing and some working, tryin to keep busy.

This is me ontop of lizzard head.

And this is a view of lizzard head.

There have been quite a few festies. Some of them include: Wine & Culinary art fest, mushroom fest, telluride film fest, tech fest, telluride jazz fest, and this weekend is Blues and Brews. Hmm. What else.

Oh, i got kicked out of my cabin by the police and rangers. Not that its stoped me from living up there but still a develipment none the less.
Below is how i woke up that day.
I also worked with Sally Davis again. Fun fun. Kids are great when you can just walk away from them whenever you want. So what else? Went to moab and climbed. Hiked to connundurm hot springs from Crested Butte. Worked at a skate park in rifle for a week, worked for a photographer with better homes and gardens, worked lights for a few more productions, and just got done working irrigation (digging). Hmm, iv been working on my novel (not as much as i should be), printed a indy news paper (working on an online version). Other then that, im out of here in a few weeks. Off to latin america to my death. Love you all.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Its been raining alot in telluride. Its good for our enviornment and the visual effects can be nice.
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Dreamtime is an intoresting festival. Its like being imursed in another culture that dosent exist anywhere. No cloths? No problem. Insaine? Join the party. From whitie lightys to pshyicidelic artists, dream the future.

Ok, all the other ones are just shots of people that i ran into but this one is of Orly, a beautiful Israeli thats traveling around. We talked wile i shot photos for a half an hour or so. I put it in photoshop when i got home and this is one that is apropreate that I like the best.
(Click to enlarge)

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Holus Bolus

So I am working with Sally Davis again. This time its the Holus Bolus Circus (ages 8-12). I am so glad she is back. I really missed working with kids. Offcaialy I'm working lights (and getting paid for it) but I am also helping out with set and participating in the rehersales for fun.

The clowns docter up an injured cannon ballist.

The tight rope act.

The worlds strongest girl.

Kids so cool it makes me want one of my own. Playing circus with them is enugh for now.

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4th of July

The 4th of July parade kicks ass every year. I love the random conservitives that come to telluride thinking its going to be some small town parade. Seeing their discusted faces as the FEAR group paraded down the street made it worth dealing with their texas ass' all weekend long.

God bless America

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


After getting up late, I went for a walk to pick wild flowers. The realistate guy I work for is out of town for the weekend but was showing a house so I had to set up for that (mow the lawn, set a table with realistate info, pick flowers and put them in a vase), not a bad job.
Then I went up to mountain village with the intention of climbing but I spent most of my time there spotting little kids (because the people supervising them were clueless) and taking photos of them climbing. The company of children is extreamly positive for my mental health.
At about noon i got back into town and ran into some friends on main st with a mission. Their goal was to sit on a main st bench all day long. To accomplish this goal we would have to improuve our envornment. First I dragged a sofa from the free box (30 ft away) to join the benches. Then we waited for a friend to bring a grill. After we collected some funds we sent an errind boy to buy some burgers and hotdogs. Elan nabed a ton of fixins from her dads resturant and we gave away (donation) burgers, hotdogs, and smores. We figured the law would have something to say about us grilling on the side walk but they only smiled as they drove by. The funds from the food kept us griling and driking for 8 hours on main st. What a town.
Oh, and this photo was takin by Chandler (maybe 10), an aspairing photographer. He complimented my camara so much i had to let him play with it.
I have never understood why people get so defensive about the 'american way of life', but im starting to. For the first time I would go to great lengths to defend my way of life, the 'telluride way of life'.
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Friday, June 09, 2006

Freedom Building

One block away from my studio is the freedom building. Its a dilapidaded remnent of the mining era that cant be torn down because of historic landmark codes, but wont be rebuilt becasuse of cost. On its boarded up windows and doors are quotes and muirals.
This is an old one but has even more signifigance now that the Center for Media and Democracy came out with its report 'Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed'. In short, corparations pay PR companies to create and issue 'video news releases' or VRN's, for their corparations. The PR companies in turn sponser News stations when they play them on the air. So when you watch FOX's short news report on the motor indistury you wont know that it was bought and paid for by GM. The entities that are to inform us of socal injustice are becoming more and more thoes that produce socal injustice.
The small print at the bottem was drafted and passed by the city. It basicly proclaims that the local govenment has repeled the Patriot Act.
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