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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mountain Film

Every Mamorial Day weekend Telluride is blessed with Mountain Film. This is my first year attending and it has been an enjoyable and informitive expecence. So Im going to review my top five favorite films I've seen thus far.
5) "Sacred Angkor Wat"
This was a short (10min) film by Chris Rainier & Ethan Boehme that mixes the media of motion film and photography in the sacred location of Angkor Wat.
4) "South Central Farmers"
Locals of south central took an ugly lot and transformed it into an oasis for growing food and community. But like most truly good things, sombody wants to distroy it to build a warehouse.
3) "Seeds in the City"
After the colapse of the USSR Cuba lost thier major source of food. The people of Havana have coped by utilizing every suitable space to grow food. The majority of the food they eat is now produced within the city for and by the people that eat it and offer an exelent example of sustainable living.
2) "Favela Rising"
A favela is a brazilian getto, and the favelas in Rio are notoriously violent. Discover the group Afro-Reggae who, with community and music, are bettering the favelas and the people that live there.
1) "Who Killed the Electric Car"
An extreamly well done and informitave film. If you dont want to be any more angry with the government and corparations of the united states, dont see this flick. But its just what you want if you think a little informed anger is what we need to save our world. In the 90's the Cali state government forced car manufacturers to build zero-emition vehicles. Less then 10 years later electric cars were taken off the market by the manucatrues with little explination other then demand and practicality. It was replaced by the concept of the hydro car, which is infinitly less practical. And with the infastructure, technology, and mass production to impliment it all in the distant future, it offers little hope of reducing our emitions (and saving our planet) any time soon. And for what? Money or coures, silly.
Unlike the other movies (which are independet) this one is backed by sony and is going to be released more publicly. I dont care if you have to steal it, see this movie. Learn more at

Well there you have it. Yet another reason Telluride is so awsome. Oh, and sorry for the spelling errors but i coulnt care less.


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